Clear Animated Explainer Videos For Mobile And Web Applications, Platforms And Other Software

You have a platform, an application or basically a (new) piece of software that you want to explain in the most clear way to your customers. All they have to do is use it but then your customers would have to understand it first. For this you could definitely benefit from a clear and engaging video explaining your mobile app, webapp, tooling or other piece of software.

Video Examples For Mobile And Web Applications, Platforms And Other Software

Below a few examples of videos we created for mobile and web applications, platforms and other software. Think of explainer videos for mobile apps, webapps, IT tooling, platforms on mobile and web or other software used on any device. 

What Is A Video For Mobile And Web Applications, Platforms And Other Software

An animated explainer video to clarify your mobile and web application, platform or other software helps you to convey your message in a clear and appealing way.


Applications and platforms or other software are sometimes not very sexy. Lengthy texts and instruction documents, for example, get boring really fast. And above all, your customers or clients attention span will degrade pretty quickly.


This is where you can really benefit from an animated explainer video, by making a boring subject fascinating and appealing.   

Animated Video Benefits For Mobile And Web Applications, Platforms And

Other Software


Adding an animated explainer video on your landing or home page can increase conversion rates significantly. Up until almost 70% according to some reports. This means more people registering for your application, platform or other software.


It is important that people sign up or use your software, mobile or web app or platform. Even more important is to make people understand how it works. In case of uncertainty sending an email or making a phone call to your support service is made really quickly. The most easy way to prevent this is an animated explainer video. A perfect tool that improves user experiences while at the same time saving your business a lot of time.


Nothing is quite as difficult as explaining a mobile or web app, a new platform or software only using text. With an animated explainer video conveying your message will be a piece of cake. Moreover, a video makes it easier to comprehend and is a lot more appealing.


In addition to reducing customer service calls, no one likes the hassle of calling customer support and it can be really frustrating. If customers or users have to wait for a reply then they quickly might lose interest in using your platform, app or software. Watching a video is way more satisfying and works like a charm. User expectations are managed from the start and they will be able to serve themselves.


Animated explainer videos can be easily added to a lot of social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Your brand exposure will increase and this provides a great way to boost your sales or increase your user or membership levels.


All your competitors are online, they all have a good looking website and they are all on social media. So how do you stand out from the crowd as a mobile or web app, platform or other software company? Don’t waste this opportunity and make sure you will stand out from your competitors by using the power of an animation explainer video!