Animated Explainer Videos

For the Construction Industry

An animated explainer video is a very clear and engaging way to tell potential clients in the construction industry about your product or service. 

Construction Video Examples

Below a few examples of construction videos we created

What Is A Construction Explainer Video?

An animated construction explainer video is a marketing or instruction video used by construction companies to explain their product, service or concept to their target audience. 

Not convinced the construction business and animated explainer videos are a good fit? Here is why construction services & products and animated explainer videos go great together. The construction market is growing rapidly online. Like most sectors, the biggest part for a client deciding which company he / she or the business will choose happens online. And online everything is fast, nobody takes the time to read anymore. But they love watching videos. 

According to research more than 80% of people are convinced for buying and using a product or service from a specific company after watching their Animation Explainer Video.

Animated Construction Explainer Video Benefits


Animated Explainer Videos work amazing when you want to educate your clients and potential customers. Teach your target audience looking for a construction company about how they can best start their project and make sure they don't make this one 'rookie mistake'. Explainer videos are very engaging, easy to follow and to understand because our brain processes visuals a lot faster than just plain old text. 

The biggest benefit for you as a construction company? Gain trust and because of that new customers along the way.


Your website or social post is often the first thing customers learn about your business. Make the first impression count with having a very clear and customer centric animated explainer video on your website and social media channels. Make sure your online look is just as professional as the construction business you are in real life!


Building and construction events are a very good way to gain new clients and strengthen the relationship with your current clients. That being said it can be very hard to stand out from the competition especially when every stand and employee seems to look the same. An engaging video full of colors and attention drawing animations is a great way to add 'stopping power' to your stand. Potential clients that happen to pass by can easily watch a short video from a small distance and with that gain the essense of your construction business. 


Fact 1: your target audience doesn't take the time to read your website, email or long social texts anymore. 

Fact 2: the more (possitve) information your target audience knows about your construction company the more likely they are going to work with you. 

Your very own construction explainer video is the logical solution regarding both facts. Stop missing out on clients!


Everybody can tell about what they do in 15 to 20 minutes talks. When you are a real expert in what you do you are able to showcase your expertise in the construction business in a very simple and easy to understand manner, in a 1 or 2 minute time span. An animated explainer video is perfect for this. Explaining your construction business and USP very clear in a short period of time. 


Videos are the best way to engage with your audience on social platforms. Not just because people love to watch animated explainer videos but also all social platforms simply love video. Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social platforms rank your post better when they contain a video. Despite this fact, very few companies embrace the power of video on social media. This is a big opporunity for your business. Beat your competitors and start using the power of video on social media!