Education Animation Explainer Videos For Schools, Colleges, Universities & Training Companies

Education is one of the most important pillars in our society and needs to evolve with time. In education it is very important that a message is communicated properly. Animation explainer videos are ideal for this.
Images are processed much more easily by our brain than text. A video ensures that your message is conveyed effectively to the viewer. Moreover, the video can easily be added to your website or presentation and is easy to share among each other and on social media.

Video Examples For The

Education Industry

Below a few examples of videos we created for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Training Companies.

What Is A Video For The

Education Industry?

An education animation explainer video for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Training Companies is a short video that is used by educational institutions or for educational purposes.


It is used to present educational concepts, situations or, for example, new methods. It is an efficient way to explain complex concepts to the viewer in a simple and understandable way. You make learning easy like this.

An animation explainer video within the education industry can be used by Schools, Colleges, Universities & Training Companies

Animated Video Benefits For The

Education Industry


In the classroom, difficult concepts can be explained in a simpler way using animation explainer videos. Make a lot of text or data easier to process by using these videos. The material comes to life and speaks to your audience.


By placing an animated explainer video on the homepage of your education institution or company, you increase your online exposure. By placing the video on social media channels at the same time, you also attract many more unique visitors. And at the same, with having an explainer video, you can immediately respond to the growing demand for online lessons and training.


Not only schools, but also companies that want to educate their employees or training companies, can benefit greatly from an animation explainer video. Some concepts or procedures are difficult to explain where a video can be a useful tool.


Long lessons, lengthy presentations and long waiting time: explainer videos are often a welcome change. It ensures that the attention of the viewer is caught and the material is processed in a better way. In short, videos are fun to watch and easy to follow.


Does your institution want to inform the general public? An animation explainer video is one of the simplest ways to convey your message while at the same time hold your audience’s attention.


Do you want to train students or, for example, employees? An interactive explainer video is perfect for this. You can completely customize it for every group of viewers. This means that young children get to see something else than for example their parents. Or videos for trainees differ from those for managers. When time is short, this can be a very handy option.