Engaging Animated Explainer Videos

For Freelancers And Self-employed Professionals

For Freelancers and Self-employed Professionals scoring new clients can sometimes be very hard. Especially when your core business has nothing to do with marketing or sales this can be very distracting from doing what you do best as a freelancer of self-employed professional. An animation video can do this hard work for you and the best thing is: it will tell your potential clients about your service 24/7 and 365 days a year!

Video Examples For Freelancers And Self-employed Professionals

Below a few examples of videos we created for freelancers and

self-employed professionals.

What Is A Video For A Freelancer Or Self-employed Professional?

An animated explainer video for Freelancers and Self-employed Professionals is a video that will explain your service to your target audience in a clear and engaging way. You can use your explainer video in all kind of ways. For example on your website, on social media, in your email signature, in your introduction email and in your advertising campaigns. 

Whatever medium you choose for your animated explainer video, it will work for you around the clock and every day of the year. Besides this, people don’t read anymore online. Their attention span is comparable to a goldfish so you have to find a way to explain what you do in a quick and engaging way. 

Your own animation explainer video will do just that: capturing the attention of your potential clients and let you focus on your core business as a Freelancer or Self-employed Professional.

Animated Videos Benefits For Freelancers Or Self-employed Professionals


Online, people seem to have no time at all. The attention span of a goldfish is more or less 3 second, which will be comparable to humans surfing online. Make sure, as a Freelancer or Self-employed Professional, you get your message across to your potential clients using the engaging power of your own animated explainer video.


Showcasing added value gets harder and harder in this digital age for Freelancers and Self-employed Professionals. Still it is very important to get the message about your service to your potential clients. In this digital age, where nobody reads anymore, your very own animated explainer video is perfect for this job. Telling your story in a short, clear and engaging way convincing your potential clients to get in touch!


As a Freelancer or Self-employed Professional sometimes it seems you are owner, sales manager, marketing manager, finance professional and facility manager all at once. While the job you earn your money with, your core business, should be the most important this won’t always work like that. Using your own animated explainer video will help you, as a Freelancer or Self-employed Professional, market your message and close the sale with your potential client. The biggest benefit of having an animated explainer video? You can focus more on your core business while letting your video work for you as your marketing and sales manager.


People’s time is valuable and we seem to have less time every year. Don’t waste your potential clients time with long texts on your website or other ways you communicate. Start using an animated explainer video as a Freelancer and Self-employed Professional and stop wasting valuable time!


Freelancers or Self-employed Professionals don’t have a lot of resources to spend on their marketing and sales. Hiring someone or a business for this will cost you a lot money. Start using an animated explainer video for this job. The best part is this animated explainer video will work tireless for you around the clock 7 days a week 365 days a year. 


All your competitors are online, they all have a good looking website and they are all on social media. So how do you stand out from the crowd as a Freelancer or Self-employed Professional? Very few businesses and especially Freelancers or Self-employed Professionals use the power of an animated explainer video. Don’t waste this opportunity and make sure you will stand out from your competitors!