Awesome Animated Explainer Videos

For the Healthcare Industry

 In the healthcare industry almost all marketing material people can choose from exists of written content such as leaflets, flyers and books. An animated explainer video can really set you apart from your competitors and with that boost your business! 

Healthcare Video Examples

Below a few examples of healthcare videos we created

What Is A Healthcare Explainer Video?

An animated explainer video for the healthcare industry is a video that makes sure you can establishing medical or pharmaceutical expertise and with that tell your story in professional way. With that, as a pharmaceutical, hospital or other healthcare focused business, you will create trust among your customers and clients.

A healthcare explainer video is a very useful marketing tool that can be used on social media, on your website, during training sessions, for patient onboarding, as a b2b sales tool or in the waiting room of your pharmacy or hospital.

In the pharmaceutical industry not many businesses use the power of video yet. Make sure you are not one of them and beat your competitors with the power of your own animation explainer healthcare video!

Animated Healthcare Explainer Video Benefits


The way in which healthcare or institutions are organized is constantly changing. For many people it is quite a challenge to read endless texts. Animation explainer videos are a perfect alternative to bring new information to the attention. And this in a simple, effective and efficient way.


Where many healthcare institutions are faced with increasing work pressure, an animation explanation video can be a good addition to the care provided. A healthcare provider can’t be available 24/7 for a single patient. With the help of an animation explainer video, patients can still get the information they need in a simple and always accessible way.


New medicines, products or devices are researched and delivered constantly in healthcare. But occasionally they  are difficult to explain and difficult to understand. That's why explainer videos are perfect for this. With animated visuals and characters you bring a lot of complex information to life in a short time and you keep the attention of the viewer.


As mentioned earlier, nobody really takes the time to read. People like to watch videos. You only have to go to YouTube to understand this. Also achieve your sales and conversion goals by offering your target group an alternative to long texts. 


Patient confidence and trust is very important in healthcare, possibly even more than in other sectors. A company can make a good (first) impression with a clear and customer- or patient-oriented animation explainer video. With the help of your animation video you show your experience and expertise in a very clear way.


Videos are the best way to engage with your audience on social platforms. Not just because people love to watch animated explainer videos but also all social platforms simply love video. Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social platforms rank your post better when they contain a video. Despite this fact, very few companies embrace the power of video on social media. This is a big opporunity for your healthcare business. Beat your competitors and start using the power of video on social media!