Amazing Animated Explainer Videos

For the Hospitality / Facilities Industry

 In the hospitality and facilities industry every day, everything is about service. The customer or guest is the centre of your business and 'servicing' is in hospitality and facilities companies' DNA. In this digital age nobody likes to read long and hard to understand texts. Instead provide your customers or quests with the best service and start using your own animated explainer video!

Hospitality & Facilities Video Examples

Below a few examples of Hospitality and Facilities videos we created

What Is A Hospitality / Facilities Explainer Video?

An animated explainer video for the hospitality and facilities industry is a video that can bring your service level to an even higher level than it already is.


Your guests or customers, both online and offline, are the most important thing within your hospitaly or facilities business. Regarding communication nothing is more customer centric than an animated explainer video.

Your facilities / hospitality business will be able to communicate very efficiently without wasting valuable time. Think about the way you communicate your guidelines, rulebooks, announcements or how to's right now. Probably with an e-mail or even a dusty pdf file. 


Your guests and customers will love your business if you start using the power and efficiency of your very own animated explainer video. 

Animated Hospitality / Facilities Explainer Video Benefits


Animated Explainer Videos work amazing when you don't want to waste your guest or customers time. Within the Hospitality or Facilities business you will have to communicate a lot. Make sure you do this efficiently with your animated explainer video and stop wasting valuable time. 


We have heard it so many times when some old fashioned sales person happened to close a deal. 'The customer called and I closed the deal just like that on the phone! So who needs social! This still works.' The truth is somewhat different. 80% of the sales funnel happens online in this digital age. This means the jobs of sales people changed drastically. From starting with having to explain how the hospitality of facilities business works some years ago to only closing the deal now. Your guests and customers already know about your business and what you do via their online research. Make sure they don't miss the core by using the power of your own aimated explainer video!


Within the Hospitality or Facilities industry raising your service level will always be a top prioritiry. If you don't, your competitors will and that will eventually mean you will be losing clients or guests. An animated explainer video is a simple step for you but will have a huge impact on the way your customers or guests obtain their information from you. You won't be wasting their time with long texts nobody reads and will also look professional. This will all result in a higher service level and more customer and guest satisfaction.


An animated explainer video within the hospitality or facilities industry will make you look professional. Make the first impression count with having a very clear and customer centric animated explainer video on your website and social media channels. Make sure your online look is just as professional as the hospitality or facilities business you are in real life!


A lot of businesses within the Hospitality or Facilities industry forget to think about the customer or guest first and because of that lose track of what they really want. In this digital age everything is fast, nobody reads anymore or has time to stop and read a story about anything. Make your business customer centric by starting to communicate via animated explainer videos from now. Your customers and guests will love you for it.


Imagine yourself receiving a long email from the Facilities department of your office. I bet the only thing you do is scan it for bold text and titles and then decide in a split second if this long email is really worth your time. Probably the answer is no. Nobody reads anymore unless they really have to. Help your lazy customers and guests out and start communicating with them by using animated explainer videos.