Interactive & Clickable Videos

Give the viewer control over their own video experience by making your video interactive. Let them interact with your video content by having them - make decisions, ask questions, fill in forms and more.

With this interactive video feature we make videos clickable in almost every way you can imagine. Interactivity can be added in all videos produced by EVA, but also within externally produced video content. Contact us for the possibilities.

More effective videos

More engagement

Better Return on Investment

Higher conversion rate

Interactive Video Examples

Add a contact form in your video

Interactive and clickable animation vide
  • Add a contact form in the video anywhere you want.

  • Form can pop-up automatically or after clicking a button. 

  • Form in corporate identity and Google Forms integration possible.

Clickable 'hotspot' in your video

Interactive and clickable animation vide
  • It is possible to add a 'hotspot' at any desired moment in the video.

  • After a click on a hotspot there is the possibility to show a pop-up.

  • The pop-up is customizable regarding corporate identity & content.

Make your logo or image clickable

Interactive and clickable animation vide
  • At any moment you want you van make an image or logo clickable. 

  • After clicking, the viewer is send to a webpage or moment in the video.

  • Any image type possible and customizable to your identity.

Interactive video features