5 reasons why an explainer video is essential for your business

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

More and more companies added an explainer video to their website and social content strategy and that's for a reason. A website with only text and images simply doesn't work anymore. Just think about how you surf on the world wide web. Do you read the text a website or social post has to offer or do you just scan for videos, images and titles? That's what I thought... In this blog I'll give you 5 reasons why an explainer video is essential for your business and why it is such a great tool in your (online) marketing mix.

1. Perfect for Social Media

The role of social media has become bigger and bigger in everyone’s lives and with this in mind a lot of companies are struggling what to do with all these new social platforms and content types. There is no business that can ignore social media, but nobody gives attention to just another written Facebook post or tweet. An explainer video is the perfect tool to reach and engage your audience. On Facebook, your video will start playing automatically for everyone who scrolls past. The viewer doesn’t even have to press play anymore to see your video!

2. Easily sharible

An explainer video is not bound to one particular platform. You can share your video on your web page, Facebook, Twitter or whatever platform you want. And the viewer can share your product with everyone with just one click! Jealous on the videos on your Facebook wall going viral? This could be your chance!

3. Explain your product

Some products or services are difficult to explain. By making it visual you can clarify the objective of your product. People will understand your product faster if they see someone explaining it. Research shows that people retain information when shown to them, 5 times better than just hearing it.

4. Grab the attention!

You don’t want to have a stale website. In a failed attempt to pimp a website many businesses use flashy animations or loads of pictures. This only confuses your visitor and makes the loading time hell. Why not instead use an explainer video? It keeps your website clean and you can still tell anything you want in the video.

5. Our brain is made for visuals

Are you not convinced yet? You will be after this one. Research shows that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by our brain than text. And video is 4 times more engaging than static content! Why am I still writing this down?

The good news is that having an explainer video is not only for the happy few companies who are willing to pay 5k+ for a video anymore... Check out our pricing on the website or get in touch .. I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised!