How to choose the best animation style for your explainer video

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Nowadays every company should consider having an animation video on its website and in its social media campaigns. Nobody reads the endless texts on your website or emails anymore, whereas an animation video is the perfect way to reach your potential customer.

People are easily distracted, where a video holds the attention of its viewer: it shows the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. With an animation video you can put your company, product or service on the map, whereby the user engagement is higher than other forms of content and optimizes your conversion and thus increases your turnover!

But what kind of animation video are you going to use then?

Let EVA help you choose the best style for your message. In this blog I list all our animations, in no special order, and give you tips on when to use a certain type of video.

1. 2D cartoon animation

This cartoon 2D animation style is one of the most popular and commonly used types of animation videos. And for a good reason! Most companies are in business to solve a problem of their customers. With a cartoon animation we can visualize this problem and at the same time provide the solution – a product or service - given by the company in question. Potential customers can easily recognize themselves in the presented problem, and easily relate to the characters in the video, making this kind of animation very appealing.

The cartoon animation would be an excellent choice for both B2C and B2B. It is all about storytelling, it evokes emotions and appeals to your customers or audience directly. At the same time the video will also be more easily shared on social media.

Click the link and check out more information and other examples regarding the 2D Animation Cartoon explainer video style.

2. Business animation

Does the 2D cartoon animation looks a little too playful for your corporate identity? Then take a look at our business style videos. This type of animation is still expressive, but in a somewhat more ‘serious’ way. Perfect for B2B companies within the business service.

Click the link and check out more information and other examples regarding the Business animation explainer video style.

3. Whiteboard animation

This type of animation video can help you a lot if you want to explain a large, heavy concept or idea. Whiteboards are really meant to engage your audience. The content is drawn up right in front of their eyes. They are popular for various reasons. With one of them being simplicity. No fuss, but to the point. Not to be confused with visual appeal though, because they are good at that. More sketchy and less detailed than the 2D animation videos, but very good at conveying clear, informative messages in an orderly manner.

Do you want to break down a complex concept step by step? Then this type of video is your friend.

4. Motion text animation

Bring (a lot of) information to life in a text format in this type of video. Moving and animated text and graphics are used here to explain complex ideas, data or information. Potential customers quickly tune out if they have to read long bulks of text. With the Motion text video you will grab the attention.

Your every day PowerPoint presentation or text document suddenly becomes exciting by giving it a makeover. Accompanied by music, animations and relevant images, your message is attractively conveyed through various elements.

Click the link and check out more information and other examples regarding the Motion Text animation explainer video style.

Which one will be your choice?

Your choice for a certain type of animation style says a lot about your company and the message you want to send out into the world. Your video is often the first thing your potential customer sees on your website. And even more often the only thing they will see before they contact you.

EVA will help you in finding the right style for your business. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.